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Premium Julienne & Vegetable Peeler - Ultra Sharp Professional Quality Blade - Peeler, Shredder, Cutter, & Slicer in One - Cut Prep Time in Half - Easy and Quick Kitchen Cleanup - 100% Satisfaction Lifetime Guarantee!


What People Are Saying:

    This is an amazing julienne peeler. Amazing quality and loved the packaging it came in. I have other peelers that you have to press a bit to get the skin off most fruits and veggies. This peeler uses a nice light touch to remove even thin skin on fruits like a peach or a seedless cucumber. Great deal and definitely the nicest julienne peeler I have seen. Great Product!

    Luong D. Dang
    This peeler is excellent. This is a really high quality product - very sturdy and very sharp. Makes peeling stuff almost fun. It works better than traditional peelers really cuts down on time wasted prepping food. My carrots were nicely peeled and Julienned into nice even strips. The peeler is strong, feel great in my hand, and should last for a long time.

    This peeler is superior to every other peeler I have ever owned. It is amazing... so sharp and sturdy! It's really fun to use, does a perfect job very quickly. Love this high quality tool!

    I must say I am very impressed with this peeler. This device made peeling and shredding veggies extremely convenient. It's nice and sharp and quickly does the job. It easily washes up as well. It's fun to use and and does more than one job in the kitchen... I recommend it!

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Features Of the Julienne/Peeler!

  1. HERE IS A QUICK WAY to advance your culinary skills to the next level with this dual julienne/vegetable peeler. Create professional restaurant level dishes with minimal special skills, little effort, and no extra time.
  2. WHAT IF YOU COULD have one kitchen tool that is easy to use, clean, and store? At the same time, this single kitchen tool will allows you to quickly slice, peel, julienne, and garnish any fruits and vegetables.
  3. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN an ultra sharp blade that will cut through a wide range of vegetables and fruits with ease, from the toughest skinned squash to the softest kiwi?
  4. THE SECRET IS IN a high quality and durable stainless steel that is used in this product. It is resistant to scratches and dents. Take the first step now to transform your cooking into something that is fun, easy, and tasty by ordering this MUST HAVE KITCHEN TOOL!


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We would like to bring high quality cutting edge tool to every kitchen. This led to the development of AmazKitchenware, a premier brand of luxury kitchenware and accessories. We design and manufacture high quality kitchen tools that make your life easier in the kitchen.

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Unlike other global mega-corp, we are a small company that care about your experience with us and truly appreciates your business.  If you have any problems or concerns, we are here at your service.  Just drop us an e-mail.  One of our friendly and experienced customer service representatives will contact you directly. We ensure that you will get a satisfied and speedy resolution to your problems or concerns.

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